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Dental care for your kids

We like seeing kids and welcome them at the practice. With constant home care and regular attendance to our practice, it should be possible for your children to escape the need for dental treatment.

We particularly recommend DENPLAN FOR CHILDREN as a means of funding your childís dental care, as the monthly payments (shown below) include annual oral health education visits and prevention advice along with insurance for repairs as a result of trauma.

Denplan for children

Band A B C
Cost (monthly) £6.05 £9.11 £18.16
Check-ups per year 1 2 2
Hygiene visitor per year 1 1 1
X-rays included Included Included Included
Treatment discount 20% 20% 100%
Insurance benefits Call out fee, Worldwide holiday cover, Trauma cover, Hospital stay benefits, oral cancer care costs.

Fees correct as of 27th March 2019

Pay-as-you-go fees

Treatment type Cost
Examinations New patient assessment
Routine check-up
Emergency consultation
Hygiene/Prevention Oral Health Education
Hygienist session
Fillings Sealants
White fillings
from £81.00
Extraction Simple
Miscellaneous Gumshields
from £54.00

Fees correct as of 27th March 2019

Crooked teeth and braces

Most children will have teeth that are crowded. This can range from a mild misplacement of one tooth, to a severe discrepancy which can cause the child to be distressed or the health of the mouth to be jeopardised.
We tend these days to wait until all the first teeth have fallen out before referring to one of our orthodontist colleagues in Bath for an initial orthodontic assessment. This is always an NHS referral which carries no charge.
The orthodontist will decide a) whether treatment is necessary and b) whether that treatment can be funded by the NHS.

The less severe cases of crowding tend not to be NHS funded, although Private treatment can be carried out. Your orthodontist will advise you.