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What can we do for you?

We can get you out of pain

Dental pain is commonly caused by tooth decay, gum disease and infection. Although we aim to prevent the onset of disease, things do go wrong, so we repair with fillings, treat gum disease and perform root canal therapy where necessary. Of course sometimes pain can start quickly and at any time, so we do have allocated emergency slots every day so that we can see any emergency quickly. We also endeavour to see non-regular patients if time and availability permits.

We mend teeth

The problem that we most commonly see is the broken tooth. These can usually be repaired with either a filling or a crown and we tend to use modern tooth-coloured materials which whilst pleasing to the eye, are also very strong.

We remove teeth

Tim MiltonUnfortunately, it will sometimes be necessary for a tooth to be removed but modern techniques in anaesthesia (numbing) means that this will be a completely painless process. Occasionally, due to the more complex nature of a particular procedure, we have to ask for expert help and we are fortunate that a visiting specialist oral surgeon, Tim Milton, has a clinic at Coleman & Starkey's about once a month.

You can find further information about Tim Milton at

But we also replace teeth!

Where there is or are gaps, there are a number of methods of filling the spaces. Dentures (either plastic or metal-based), bridges and implants are all available at the practice although where specialist advice is required, we do refer to one of our more experienced colleagues in the Bath area.

And of course cosmetic treatments

In recent years we have seen an upsurge in the interest of cosmetic dentistry, in which we use techniques to improve the way teeth look. This can be anything from teeth whitening or replacement tooth-coloured fillings to crowns, veneers, bridges and implants.
All aspects of cosmetic dentistry can be arranged at Coleman & Starkey's.

Nervous and apprehensive patients

Most people get nervous going to the dentist. In the majority of cases, treatment can be completed using a caring and sympathetic approach and allowing you, the patient, to communicate your fears and concerns to us.

Some people are unable to cope even with this type of approach, so we are able to offer, in conjunction with Tim Milton at BOSC, intravenous dental sedation. This is a technique which involves an injection of a sleep-inducing drug so that the treatment can be carried out comfortably and safely. The cost of treatment under sedation reflects the increased complexity and staff levels which allow us to act strictly to national guidelines and therefore would expect to be between 300 and 400 per treatment session.